Tips & Tools for Designing, Developing, and Delivering Diversity Training That Hits The Mark

Many of the best tools for diversity training have been around for decades. However, employers are realizing that the old tools do not adequately address the diversity (and inclusion) issues they are facing in their workplaces today. This two-day program will provide you with a comprehensive framework for designing, developing, and delivering diversity training that works. In this highly interactive course, you will learn about the strategies diversity leaders are using to embrace the new realities of the diversity and inclusion industry.

In this training, you will:

  • Be trained on a model for diversity & inclusion training that works in corporate, government, university, and other work environments
  • Leave with dozens of activities that can be easily integrated into your training
  • Receive hands-on exposure to innovate diversity training tools
  • Preview on-line training modules that can be easily integrated into your training
  • Hear insights, best practices, and lessons learned from other diversity leaders in attendance
  • Receive valuable insights into the future of the diversity & inclusion industry
  • Critique your current or planned diversity & inclusion initiative
  • Build a network of diversity leaders you can call on in the future

Thursday, April 27 – Friday, April 28
American Immigrant Lawyers Association (AILA)
1331 G Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005
(within walking distance of the Metro Center station)


Day 1 – Framework for Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity Training…Then, Now, and the Future
An overview of the ever-changing diversity & inclusion field and the challenges the rapid pace of change presents for organizations seeking to provide relevant diversity training
The Pro and Cons of Classroom-Based, Technology-Based, and Blended Learning
A critical review of the three major models used in training and their effectiveness in diversity & inclusion training
Diversity Training vs. Diversity Development
Examines the differences between providing training and developing a comprehensive approach to using diversity training and other interventions to affect culture change
Transformative Diversity & Inclusion Training Model

Introduces The HR SOURCE proven model for designing diversity & inclusion trainig that creates lasting change in individuals

“Let’s Talk About Diversity Issues”

Wind down the day with a facilitated open forum discussing issues relevant to attendees

Day 2 – Tips & Tools for Effective Diversity & Inclusion Training

The Secrets to Designing the “Perfect” Diversity & Inclusion Training

An overview of best practices in diversity & inclusion material design pulled from 30 years of experience

The Secrets to Facilitating (Delivering) Diversity & Inclusion Training

A detailed discussion of the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to be an effective diversity facilitator (including an assessment of each participant against the KSAs list)

Best Diversity Tools Ever!

A look back at some of the most successful and impactful diversity training tools, an assessment of why they were impactful, and a discussion of how we can incorporate their success factors into selecting the tools we used today

Shopping List of Diversity & Inclusion Tools for Today

Hands-on exposure to several popular diversity & inclusion training tools used today, including a preview of the new Win Insights tool from The HR SOURCE.

Our Instructor:

William (Bill) Shackelford is a recognized leader in the field of multicultural human resources consulting. In addition to his book, “Minority Recruiting…Building the Strategies and Relationships for Effective Diversity Recruiting,” he has over fifty (50) publications in journals that include the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Journal of Staffing and Recruiting, and Cultural Diversity at Work. Mr. Shackelford’s expertise includes: designing, developing, and implementing diversity management programs; providing strategic diversity recruiting consulting; facilitating diversity-related training; and conducting work environment assessment studies (i.e. cultural audits) that lay the foundation for building a more inclusive workplace culture.

Mr. Shackelford’s earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Clark College, a Master of Science degree in Applied Nuclear Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, and has obtained a number of diversity and related certifications.

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