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The HR Source helps organizations and HR Professionals to create and enhance their Diversity and Inclusion programs.


Our area of expertise includes designing, developing and implementing key Diversity & Inclusion solutions, so our clients can make significant D&I progress and quickly start enjoying the productivity and creativity benefits of having a diverse and respectful workplace.


We use a variety of state-of-the-art learning, training and assessment tools to prioritize areas of implementation, overcome bottlenecks and continuously monitor your D&I progress against designated D&I goals.





  • ​Empower your organization and your employees to recognize and embrace wide ranging differences.

  • Promote and sustain a sense of belonging through shared values and respect for individual talents, beliefs, backgrounds and ways of living.

  • Provide cost effective solutions for building inclusive cultures

  • Recruit a Chief Diversity Officer for you

  • Act as an interim Chief Diversity Officer for a short term or mentor your staff through transactional leadership.

20 years of

Diversity & Inclusion

Being Different Is Wonderful

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D & I

Topic of the Month: 

The Alarming Rise in Not-so-subtle Bias

If you’ve been watching the news you’ve seen it. People of color being discriminated against for doing ordinary things. Sleeping in the dorm, picnicking in the park, cutting grass, delivering newspapers, swimming in the community pool or wearing ethnic clothing. And, this is not something happening just in the south. These incidents span the nation – from New York to California. So, what’s happening?


As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of major milestones in the civil rights movement, it seems we are re-living the issues the movement set out to eradicate. How did we get here?


We have spent the last 30 years crafting diversity and inclusion programs designed to build respect for differences yet, disrespect seems to be more acceptable today than ever. Where did we go wrong?


This month we are focusing our attention on the not-so-subtle forms of bias that are impacting our nation and our workplaces and we want to hear from you.


Each week we will explore a different aspect of this timely topic and we want you to…


Join our conversation.


- Bill Shackelford 

July 2018

Question of the week

Q: How did we go from having a Black president that many proclaimed ushered in a “post-racial society”, to an American acting more like its 1950’s counterpart?

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Meet Bill Shackelford

Bill has supported the diversity needs of scores of Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and universities since 1988. He specializes in conducting work environment assessment studies (i.e., cultural audits) designed to identify barriers to organizational success.


In addition, he provides a full range of diversity consulting services including: diversity and harassment training; team-building and strategic planning assistance; and diversity recruiting program development and implementation assistance.





Management Services

The HR SOURCE’s Diversity & Inclusion Management Services were designed to provide organizations the just-in-time support needed to move their diversity & inclusion program forward – particularly during times of transition. Support available include coaching and mentoring new D&I leaders to temporarily serving as your interim Chief D&I Leader.

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